5 Essentials for Teardrop Living

Chris and I have been camping with our Escapod teardrop trailer for about 18 months now! In that time we’ve learned that there are some items that make life on the road so much more enjoyable… Read on to learn what 5 items we truly cannot live without!

YETI Cooler

Having a cooler is obviously essential for any camping trip, but our YETI Tundra 75 makes life a lot at camp a lot more enjoyable. There’s nothing worse than spending all day in the mountains on your bike and coming back to camp to enjoy an ice-cold beverage, only to find all the ice in your cooler melted and only luke-warm beverages available for consumption. The YETI cooler solves that problem! You can go days without needing to restock ice supplies and their clever rack design assures that you won’t end up with soggy deli-meat or cheese.

Tundra 75 Cooler

Wool Blanket

One of our favorite aspects of traveling and camping in our teardrop (and why we like it better than tent-camping) is that you get to sleep in a REAL bed at the end of a long action-packed day. It’s not just the comfort of the mattress, but the fact that you’re not isolated in a sleeping bag, unable to snuggle the one you love. When we crawl into bed at night, we crawl into clean sheets, at least the first night ;), and curl up together under our Pendleton Blanket. It’s not as bulky as a comforter so it fits well into the cabin walls, but still keeps you just as warm. Not to mention its long-term durability, which we certain put to the test!

Heritage Collection Blanket

French Press

Not sure about you, but Chris and I are coffee addicts. Yes, truly addicted. In fact, a particular photo of a french press coffee maker that he sent me early in our relationship caused me to begin falling in love with Chris  (I promise he has other redeeming qualities)… I digress. French Presses in their sexy glass form, are really not great to travel/camp/adventure with, but GSI Outdoors has made their Java Press out of BPA-free plastics and it comes in both a 30 oz. and 50 oz. model!

Java Press

Camp Table

The places that we travel don’t often have many amenities, so simply things, like REI’s Camp Table, allow us to have a bit of civility as we enjoy meals sitting together at a table. This table also allows for fun nights of playing cards (or Catan!) and provides more prep-space for dinner preparations. The best part is that it’s super lightweight and collapses down smaller than most camp chairs, so transporting it is a breeze!

REI Camp Roll Table

Real Utensils

Circa 1 year B.T (before teardrop), Chris and I would always be scrambling to get our stuff together for our camp trips. We’d only want to use camp utensils because a lack of consistent dish-washing capabilities would leave us feeling bad about the abuse we were causing to them. With our teardrop (the Dreamscape, in particular), we’re able to store nice utensils in DRAWERS! We also have plenty of space after cooking a meal to be able to wash and rinse everything for use during the next meal. No more struggling to chop potatoes or onions, we have a real knife and sweet cutting board. Aaaannnndddd, we get to use a real fork, knife and spoon to eat the meal once we’re done cooking!

Published by

Jen Hudak

Hi! I'm Jen - a former professional skier, two-time world champion and X-Games gold medalist. I'm a lover of the outdoors, always up for an adventure, need to start everyday with coffee and believe that Lays potato chips (yes, specifically) are the best post-sweat-session snack. More intimately, I'm a proud wife to my husband Chris and mom to my dogs Luke & Milo. I love watching people thrive and seeing someone's natural talents and passions lead them through life. Honored to be involved in the beginnings of SheLift.org and Escapod-Trailers. In May 2017, I'll be receiving a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Utah with a focus in business.

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